The family care act is the right thing to do for PA families.

We know families come first in Pennsylvania. We are proud that our state is pro-family – and we want to keep it that way. It’s why the Family Care Act is so important, and why our General Assembly should move quickly to support this vital legislation.

The Family Care Act recognizes something we already know to be true: family takes care of family. By establishing a paid family medical leave insurance fund in Pennsylvania, the Family Care Act:

  • Allows family members to provide critical care and rehab services to elderly loved ones at home, without risking their jobs and financial security.

  • Grants parents the ability to care for their son or daughter who is recovering from a serious illness.

  • Allows workers to care for themselves following a major surgery.

  • Grants new moms and dads the chance to be there for the critical period following the birth or adoption of a child.


Pennsylvania Isn’t Getting Younger — Pennsylvanians 85 and older make up the fastest growing segment of our population. No parent wants to go to a nursing home — and no child wants to make that decision. Financially, nursing home care costs taxpayers over $3.2 billion a year. Allowing a family member time off to care for an elderly parent not only keeps them out of nursing home care — it’s what families want, and what makes fiscal sense for our state.


Paid Family Medical Leave Insurance is Business Friendly — Many large businesses already offer paid leave. That’s a good thing. But the majority of our small businesses can’t afford to offer this critical benefit. Our Paid Family Medical Leave program, funded by a small employee payroll deduction, will enable small business to effectively compete — without shouldering the financial burden.

Paid Family Medical Leave Strengthens the Middle Class — Citizens and elected officials alike understand how important it is to support our middle class. Giving hardworking, middle-class families time off to help loved ones on a sliding pay scale strengthens the bedrock of our economy. Individuals that receive paid leave are 4 times less likely to need food stamps or income subsidies a year following the birth of a new child. Not to mention that every month of paid maternity/paternity leave reduces the infant mortality rate by 13%.